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Textboxes and Web Browsers

Text Box

The textbox() command is used to create a text box. Here's how to use it:

box=textbox() // Set variable box to be a text box. // Show the text box.
box.setTitle("My Text Box") // Set the text box title.
box.set("this is some text") // Set the contents of the text box.
box.edit(true) // Allow the box contents to be changed by typing in it.
box.edit(false) // Prevent the text box from being edited.
box.get() // Get the contents of the box.
box.dispose() // Close the text box.


The browser() command lets you manipulate a web browser window.

b=browser() // Set variable b to be a browser window. // Show the browser.  If you haven't set a page yet, it will open a default homepage.
b.loadURL("") // Load a website in the browser, in this case
b.loadString("<html></html>") // Load the given HTML code into the browser.
b.dispose() // Close the browser window.
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