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It's easy to graph in SyMAT. Just remember to use the formula markup and all should be good.

From Code

There are a few commands for controlling graphs from the Shell and from scripts. Each script and shell window has one graph window allocated for its use. These commands manipulate this window.

drawdot(x,y): Places a dot at the given coordinates.
plot(): Shows the graph window.
plot('sin[x^2]'): Graphs the given function.
plotclr(): Erases the graph.
plotname(): Returns the title of the graph.
plotname("name"): Sets the title of the graph window and the caption on the graph itself.
xlim(min,max): Changes the horizontal axis bounds.  Should only be used before graphing a function, or it might give strange results.

Graph Window

Several of the commands above can be executed directly from a graph window by using the menu options. There is also a toolbar in the graph window for zooming the graph.

The left button allows panning (dragging) of the graph inside the window. The middle button allows zooming. To zoom, click and drag over an area of the graph. The selected area will be zoomed to the size of the window. The right-hand button resets the view to the default.

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