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SyMAT Basics

So you heard about SyMAT and decided to download it. You got it all installed, and opened it. Here's what you should do now.

1: License

The first time you open SyMAT, you will be asked to activate it. If you bought a license, just enter your email address.

If you plan on using SyMAT for personal home use only (not for educational or business use), you can get a free license from the SyMAT website. Scroll down to Get a License and press Sign Up. Enter your email address on the following page, and click the box that says “Prove you're not a robot”.

Press the Claim License button, and you should see a message confirming your license.

Type your email address into SyMAT and activate it. You might need to restart SyMAT (close and open again) for the license to activate.

2: The Shell

The Shell is where you should start. If there isn't one open, click the Shell button on the SyMAT ribbon. You can enter commands in the Shell and see the results. Simple calculations can be typed as if you were entering them into a calculator.


Type 2+5+2 into the small box in the Shell.

Press Enter and you will see what you typed appear on the screen, with the answer below.

There are a lot of other things you can do with the Shell. Try experimenting with commands and see what you can do!

3: Graphing

The plot command is used to open a graph window and graph a formula. Alternatively, you can open a graph directly and enter an equation there.

Notice that the variable f was assigned to the formula 'sin[x]'. To read more about variables, see the variables page. To read more about formulas, click here.

4: Code Editor

Learn to write your first program in the Editor with the Hello World tutorial.

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