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Installing SyMAT

SyMAT is very easy to install on your computer. Replace ?_? with the version you downloaded.


Find the downloaded SyMAT_windows_?_?.exe, then double-click it to run. Follow the onscreen instructions.

Mac OS X

Open the downloaded SyMAT_macos_?_?.dmg and run the installer.


The installer (and application) need a graphics environment. You cannot install or run SyMAT from a text-only console.

You must have Java 8 installed before you can install SyMAT. SyMAT does not officially support OpenJDK.

Open a Terminal and find the downloaded SyMAT_unix_?_?.sh file. Run it with:

sh SyMAT_unix_?_?.sh

Alternatively, you may be able to right-click, select Properties, mark it as executable, and run it.


Unzip the downloaded SyMAT_universal_?_?.zip. Open the SyMAT folder and run SyMAT.jar with the command

java -jar SyMAT.jar

You must have Java 8 installed, or some components will not run.

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